One renovation, two systems, triple gorgeous living space

TREL cabinetsTREL RS built-in closetTREL KS and RS built-in closet in the pitches of the roofTREL KS cabinets and alcovesTREL KS cabinet and alcove

You dream of a new bathroom, a new bedroom and a new living room? It is supposed to be high-quality, chic and modern? But the renovation should be quickly and easily done? No problem! The TREL Systems fulfil each of these high requirements.

As ceiling-high built-in closet the TREL RS system provides primarily a lot of storage space. The modular alcove system TREL KS is versatile as cabinet or built-in closet.

Premium and decorative cabinets in the bathroom ensure a precious ambience.
In the bedroom primarily storage space for cloths is required. TREL RS in combination with TREL KS enables to use given space ideally –even with difficult room situations like pitches of a roof.
But also in the living room chic TREL cabinets and built-in cupboards look impressive.

Besides the different sizes and arrangements of the TREL elements there can be created individual living dreams by using different colours and décors.